How to wear black leggings? It’s the simplest item in our wardrobe, but it can sometimes look flat and lifeless. This season, he is back with the most beautiful cuts. The best examples are the stars who wear it wonderfully! We’re gagging on the leggings + bomber jacket look that Gigi often tackles, we can also wear it with the classic oversized t-shirt and perfecto for a rock look, as Kendall does so well. For the cool spring days, there is also the mix of sweater and leggings that we love. You will understand that black leggings are now also a must-have in our wardrobe.

Why buy black leggings?

Reason 1: This is the most comfortable piece of clothing to have crossed the Earth’s surface.

Reason 2: He marries our forms and gives us an air to the off-duty model / Hailey Baldwin / Gigi Hadid (yes, yes)

Reason 3: No need to do yoga to wear, grocery legging is OK too.

In short, we could continue the list of reasons why, leggings are essential to your life, but we preferred to concoct a shopping instead.

To learn how to wear black leggings, simply arrange your leggings with quality items. Also choose t-shirts, hoodies and jackets that slightly cover the buttocks, so as not to wear a sexy look. Choose leggings with wick, transparency or texture to further your chic street style.

It’s pretty clear, we have a small (big) weak for wick inserts. This gives a feminine and stylish touch ideal for urban living. The leggings are therefore ideal for the gym or simply to tackle a sporty-chic look. We do not forget the final touch to our look: the running shoes. We go with vibrant colors or with a white sneaker, very trendy these days. Good, just a good reason to shop running shoes!