Always favor a little heel when you wear leggings. The flat shoes will give a rendering too packed. Wear ballerinas with leggings, it is frankly not very flattering. The goal is to put the curves of your legs in value! So, what shoe to wear with leggings? Different possibilities are offered to you! Pair your leggings with:

Riding boots

Leather riding boots – brown – Red Foot

In winter, you can wear under your boots, socks rising, that you let slightly exceed. With camel boots, wears beige socks. With black boots, opt for gray socks.


Sneakers – Superstar – Adidas

Do you want to adopt a cool, casual and streetwear look? Wear your leggings with sneakers! (Adidas Superstars, or White Converses, for example)


Christian Louboutin Court Shoes – Dorissima Givree Varnish – 100 mm

Wear leggings with pumps: that’s a great way to be chic with leggings! You can then wear a nice leather bag and make up your lips with a scarlet lipstick. Small advice: opt for pumps of nude color, beige or coral: these colors go with everything! You can then associate your shoes with all your outfits!

Beige or black boots

Rhinestone boots – Abcd’r – La Redoute

Wear your leggings with low boots, and here you are super trendy! The black boots will give you a little rock side, especially if you choose them studded! As for the beige boots, they are super practical because they will go with all your outfits.

Sandals with heels

River Islan sandals – PELLOW UPDATE – Zalando

Another idea of ​​shoes to wear with leggings: the sandals with heels! A pair of sandals with heels, leggings, a loose and fluid blouse, a pretty bib necklace, and here you are dressed in a super chic look!