Leggings are an eternal basic that we all have in our wardrobes. Hyper convenient and comfortable, these pants straight out of the gym is embedded in all our outfits neither seen nor known. But still it is necessary to associate it with style. Because if it is used at all, it sometimes close the fashion faux pas. Here are 7 things to never wear with leggings.

A gym bag

This is the adage of a multitude of stars: leggings + luxurious handbag is a combo that works every time. Because if these pants come straight from the gyms, no question of opting for the total look. Prefer an it-bag worn by hand or over the shoulder to twister your look.

A top too chic

At the base, the leggings is a sportswear. Impossible to associate with a top too chic, too dressed … too much. Opt instead for a jean jacket (that of your boyfriend for example will be perfect).

A dress or skirt

Even if the trend of overlay has taken over the streets during Fashion Week, forget about your 2000s fashion lessons. Put on leggings with a dress or skirt is probably the fake fashion to avoid. The must ? Combine it with an oversize sweater or a long sweatshirt.


Flat shoes required. Instead of wanting to perch at all costs, put on your best pair of sneakers (or your good old Stan Smith) and you’re done! Flowers, white, shiny or printed … everything is allowed.

A crop top

When spring points the tip of his nose, hard not to resist the call of the crop top. And yet, we will have to do without it. There is no question of giving a glimpse of his navel when wearing leggings. Opt for an oversized bomber to put on over your sports bra.