The legging is often pointed: not enough dressed, not suitable for all morphologies, too “cheap” … And yet, it belongs to the category of basic essentials. If he has such bad press, it is because the excesses have been many since its official release: too often mistaken for pants, it was worn as is, with short or tight tops.

Its opacity has placed directly as an excellent alternative to tights and we could see it associated with mini-skirts or micro-shorts, often jeans, a little too torn and not always the best taste …

Not to mention the many prints that stung his eyes, so hard for him to regain his image after all that. We decided to give him the place he deserves by telling you how to wear it and associate it while summarizing the mistakes not to commit.

Who can wear leggings?

Leggings have no age limit, it is also one of the only clothes you can wear from childhood to adulthood, it is however demanding in terms of the silhouette.

It is rather adapted to the fine morphologies or those which do not have imperfections such as orange peel, cellulite, arched knees … because it leaves everything to glimpse, especially when it is end and to buy in big signboard.

But do not panic, if you have a voluptuous morphology you can also wear it. It will be enough to choose it well: in a rather thick material, a little gainante. Worn with a fluid and ample top it will make you a beautiful silhouette.

It is a real basic that can be worn at home, for work or during a sport. Real second skin, it will take up little space in your closet and will be donned in no time during your daily dressing.